The Job Here

Recently I have talked about the extra cirricular activities in China, but what about the work here? Is it worth it? All I will say is YES! Firstly, to get a job all you will need is to have a degree (any degree) and a TEFL certificate – that will help you get the job but […]

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Daily Life in China

The last post I wrote about was the people of China and how helpful they can be to people like me, who don’t have a clue what they are doing half the time. But a lot of people ask me, ‘What do you actually do in China?’ Well, the truth is, I live a busy […]

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The People of China

The last time I blogged about this I kinda focused on the stuff that would shock people once they first arrive in China. The toilets and how the pollution can be bad therefore causing the spitting thing. But seriously, these are probably the only things that will shock people. The rest of the differences in […]

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Thinking about teaching abroad?

Before I came to China, I was working in a customer support line for a genealogy company called ‘Findmypast’. The people I worked with were very friendly and were great to work with. But I was stuck in a rut outside work. My wages just managed to stretch, covering my rent, food and the car. […]

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